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Res audita perit, litera scripta manet. This is a Latin proverb, which translates to “a thing heard perishes, the written letter remains”. This is ancient, however still so pertinent to our day. In the not-so-long ago past, when an opinion or statement of importance and relevance was forth coming, it would be printed and endorsed by the author for all the world to vet. The author could not hide, nor the research to back the claim. Today, anyone can opine and vocalize without the burden of proof, validity or accountability. Whether on the internet, tweets or texts, anyone can say what they want with total anonymity. And all too often, it sets a narrative that starts a following even though it may be totally false. And, thankfully often easily forgotten. By contrast, when the narrative is written, and the author identified and known, it remains to be researched, digested and referred to as often and necessary as needed. And not so easily dismissed or forgotten. The day when the written and published word is no longer deemed necessary for mankind to communicate, that will be the day when all truth will be forced into obscurity, and the foundation of a civil world will perish.