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The X Files
Donald Hughes, Feb 2016

With the return on the popular television series, The X-Files, we are again faced with the question, “are we alone in the Universe”? Or, as Mulder would say, “the truth is still out there.” And, indeed, he is correct.

The split, split second we make contact with an otherly-world visitor, our world will be changed in an instant. Regardless of the alien life-form’s intent, capabilities, technology, characteristics, or communication skills, our world will never be the same from that nano-second on. Not because we might become food, or be a focus of intense study, or just a resource for fuels, but because we will no longer be classified as Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc.; but in that instant we make “first contact”, we all become humans. That is the real truth.

Astronauts that have had the opportunity to view this big blue planet from space often comment on the fact that they are looking down on a planet inhabited by humans, and don’t immediately classify anyone into race or geographic boundaries. That only happens when we look at a man-made map from down here. From up there, when viewed from the heavens, we are simply humans.

When we finally realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences, than we will have crossed over to a mind-set of being human. It may very well take a visit from another planet before that epiphany sets in, as we may suddenly be faced with a “we verses them” situation. But, it may not take that kind of cosmic event to realize the same opportunity already exists, to view one another “as equal humans” and not particular races or nationalities. It’s been the goal and effort for centuries by the minions of the heavens, otherwise known as religion.

Whatever the inspiration may have been, the world’s great religious movements began with the same vision of humanity: everyone is equal in the eyes of God (whom or whatever that may be defined as). It has been man’s foibles that has divided that view up into sects and movements, sometimes with peaceful results, sometimes not so peaceful. Either way, like the lines on a map, our limited “earthly vision” of things is too defined and narrow. When viewed from the heavens, there is little distinction between our peoples.

The salvation of the human race and the path to rise above our differences lies in the realization that we are all humans. The gods understand this, and envision our progress as a whole –race with each one individual soul rising to his or her potential regardless of physical boundaries and borders. Our limited human experience since the dawn of man has taught us that, with great souls rising from all walks of life, even from the most dire of conditions. And, we have all been humans much longer that we have been Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Etc. And once the gods decide to have us visited again, either by themselves or others out there, we will all be humans again, instantly.

The truth is still out there, and it’s right where we are.