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Ah, April. She comes on with a bite, but really is a lamb at heart. She teases with her hint of warmth, but keeps an edge to be wary of. She starts out with a fool’s snare, but ends with an earthen beauty of nature and birth.

And then comes May. All things gentle, nurturing and motherly. She honors the mother and shows us what that means: beauty, color, life-giving and easy temperament. She is consistent and dependable, and ushers in the warmth of summer with open arms.

June. She is summer all the way. Bright, and hot, but stormy and dark when the winds are right. She has her own temperament, and as unpredictable as the days are long. She honors fathers, and shows us what that means: be strong, but mindful of the delicate and defenseless like the newborns and young. Provide the moisture, but be ready to pour out the rain in torrents to wash and renew if necessary.

The three Ladies. We look forward to their visit every year.

Written by Don Hughes, April 2013