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The Six Strings of Enlightenment
Written by Don Hughes, 2017

The modern guitar is a marvel of engineering. With only six strings, it provides an infinite variety of sound and rhythm. Each individual string is created to a specific diameter, each one crafted to create the pitch to which it is designed. When placed properly along its path from the bridge to the tuning key, it stretches along a neck of fine wood, itself engineered to resist the pressure of six, taunt strings wound up tight. Each one, when plucked, rings a tone that is amplified by a deep body of tempered wood and creates the desired pitch. A simple turn of a key fine-tunes it to perfection. When two or more strings are struck simultaneously, or strummed, they respond with chords of harmony, and when fingers are placed in their proper place along the neck, the notes of the chord respond with their intended change and can create an impressive array of major and minor musical keys. However, if a novice or un-trained person plucks or strums, the music is quick to change to noise and a displeasing cacophony of sound regardless of the precision of the instrument.
Each of us are marvels of engineering, both physically and spiritually. We have been created to a specific blueprint, with an infinite variety of thought and action. When we find our proper place in life and the purpose to which we are designed, our potential to create knows no bounds. When placed along those with similar ambitions, harmony is created and the path of life remains firm and stable under the pressure of our actions. When strung too tight, that path can snap. If too loose, than little music if produced, only a dull, lifeless vibration. And, if we remain alone, or without support and companionship, our life becomes limited to repetition and little variety. One can imagine a guitar string being plucked individually without the input of the other five. Pleasing at first, but limited to the amount of music the instrument could otherwise produce. Interacting with closeness, and with proper relationships, we create harmony in our lives, amplified by the tempered depth of rich experiences. However, no matter how well in-tune we are, no matter how successful and harmonious our lives, without the touch of the Master’s hand, the purpose can becomes less pleasing and perhaps even a cacophony of non fulfilment. Only when the Master’s hand is applied does the true joy of our lives ring out, with rich deep resonance.
E A D G B E These are the typical tunings of the six strings on a modern guitar. Perhaps they are an acronym for: Each Achievement Deepens Greatly By Enlightenment. I know mine do.