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If I Were the Devil
Written by Donald Hughes, 2018

If I were the devil and wanted to win the souls of man, here is what I would do……

• Target the family for destruction by: putting the mothers into the work-force and making them believe worldly success is more important than raising a child at home, and then making them feel inadequate and unable to meet the demands and expectations put on them;
• Target man-hood by making the men appear less capable, insensitive, un-understanding, shallow, violent and crass, unrefined, immature and sex-crazed. And them make them more feminine in nature and appearance;
• Make the children believe that competition is cruel, and winning just makes others losers.
• Make mothers believe that children should be protected from any and all mistakes, failures or dangers at all times;
• Make seniors appear to be a burden, placed in facilities “out of sight and mind” as to not disturb their children’s life or routines;
• Make pornography as easily accessible as possible, in the name of art and freedom of expression, and protected under the 1st amendment of the constitution;
• Alter history to appear more evil, violent and racist in every major accomplishment of mankind;
• Make organized religion appear to be too constraining, too radical and too corrupt and make the faithful followers appear to be mindless and backward, while making government appear to be the best choice to take care of moral issues;
• Make uncontrolled sexual behavior appealing and acceptable in movies, television, and all other entertainment venues. Then make abortions legal and promoted under the guise of family planning and women’s health care;
• Make marriage unpopular, easy to discard, and ridiculed as unnecessary in modern society to live with someone, and unnecessary to bear children;
• Make lotteries appear to be fun, exciting and the answer to making dreams come true, then make playing easy and accessible with child-like games. Promise to make the funds go toward education, roads and parks, and other things our taxes should be paying for;
• Raise our taxes by taxing everything from our income to our utilities usage, and then spend the money on programs that enable the weak, keep poverty and subsequent crime high to create and maintain a dependent social class, and then make them want to buy lottery tickets to better their circumstances, or elect leaders that support such programs;
• Make every social and community event more appealing by offering alcohol, and make the drinks more appealing with bright colors, cleaver names and aggressive, entertaining advertising;
• Make social media the best way to interact with others, making it easy to deceive, influence and opine without consequences and without accountability;
• Make video games, movies and other venues more and more violent, and then make the violence acceptable entertainment. Make language more vulgar, clothing more revealing, and actions less consequential, and start it as early in youth as possible.

In other words, if I were the devil and wanted to win the souls of man, I would keep on doing what he’s been doing.

Inspired by the late Paul Harvey, journalist and broadcaster