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All Things Zombies
Written by Donald Hughes, Fall 2013

It seems everywhere you turn around now days there is something about Zombies. They are used in commercial advertising, in major movies, television shows, and books. As we approach Halloween yet again, I am fairly confident to see them out in force.

Although the term, “zombie” is well known as a depiction of a mindless, half dead half alive creature that feasts on brains, the word itself has unknown origins. We know it was used by George Romero in his early films, such as Night of the Living Dead back in the counter-culture days of the ’60s, but where it originated is not really known. There is early reference to the same kind of creatures, often times termed generically as “ghouls” in European folklore, and referenced in works from HG Wells, Poe and even Shelley’s Frankenstein. So, our concept of these mindless wanderers of the night have been around for many decades, if not centuries. Even in Africa, in the mystery of Voodoo, these “zombies” were as a result of magic and hypnotism and was referenced in the 1928 silent film Magic Island by W.B. Seabrook.

For the most part, all works relating zombies to the plot, are of course fictional. After all, would we really see groups of people wandering about, void of feeling and care, mindless in their pursuit of something to feel, taste or experience, following the crowd and unable to make rational decisions, unaware of their surroundings and what is happening in the “real world”, devoid of conscience and desire, influenced by uncontrollable thirst and hunger for stimuli, unable to relate and socialize, nameless and faceless, ghoulish in appearance and dress, lacking in social graces and otherwise half dead, half alive?

Oh, wait…………have you been around lately in our shopping malls, inner-cities, and local high-schools? Have you noticed the influence of cell phone use, texting, and social media? Have you seen the results at the polling booth? Have you witnessed the increase in mass murders? Have you felt the impact of Hollywood and the music culture? Have you cringed at the level of humor and what is socially acceptable now? Have you been in line at the boarding gate of an airport? Have you been stuck in traffic and looked at those in the adjacent cars? Do you work in a cubical office? Have you followed a Bill being debated in Congress? Have you listened to a major news outlet for coverage? Have you purchased a pair of slim jeans? Ate at McDonalds? Shopped at a Wal-Mart?

Yes, Virginia, there are zombies. Most definitely.

As Far as I know,
There has always been a cycle of warmth and cold,
And our civilization (to impact either)is not very old.
As Far as I know,
The Lord was told 2000+ years ago there was “no place in the inn”,
That we still have no room in our schools and courthouses is far worse a sin.
As Far as I know,
Our Nation was built on a simple document called the Constitution,
And it won’t stand, like any house, if you weaken or alter the firm foundation.
As Far as I know,
The genders have specific attributes that enhance and complement each other,
To mix or match the sexes will never substitute the strength of a father and a mother.
As Far as I know,
The ills of society could be cured so quickly,
If we just took our vows and oaths seriously.
As Far as I know,
We spend millions of dollars on saving the planet, the whales or the rhino’s horn,
Yet cry no outrage on the slaughter each day of the yet unborn.
As Far as I know,
A short-cut never did save time and ususally ended up in some sort of murk,
And like your father told you, there is no substitution for hard work.
As Far as I know,
Above all, a man’s character is what matters most,
And not what accomplishments, connections, wealth or schooling he can boast.
As Far as I know,
There are far too many opinions and views,
That obscure any pertinent facts in the daily news.
As Far as I know,
Everything worth knowing and worth sharing,
Can be found within the walls of a home with love and caring.

Written by Donald L Hughes, 2009

Too many talking heads, not enough candor,
Too many lawyers, not enough honor;
Too many fortunes, not enough sacrifice,
Too many opinions, not enough experience.

Too many taxes, not enough tax-base,
Too many politicians, not enough voters;
Too many religions, not enough faithful,
Too many wars, not enough soldiers.

Too many distractions, not enough learning,
Too many schools, not enough taught;
Too many asking, not enough giving,
Too many spending, not enough earning.

Too many laws, not enough enforcement,
Too many experts, not enough understanding;
Too many aging, not enough living,
Too many dying, not enough born.

Too many roads, not enough destinations,
Too many songs, not enough music;
Too many visuals, not enough seeing,
Too many entertainers, not enough laughter.

Too many activities, not enough time,
Too many couplings, not enough marriage;
Too many babies, not enough parents,
Too many males, not enough men.

Too many goods, not enough labor,
Too many followers, not enough leaders;
Too many options, not enough commitment,
Too many directions, not enough decision.

Too many wanting, not enough caring,
Too many pretending, not enough sincerity;
Too many wants, not enough needs,
Too many stars, not enough heroes.

And thus we fall.

Written by Donald L Hughes, 2008