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In Memory


Written by Donald L Hughes, Memorial Day 2007

Forever written in the annals of history,

They silently moved thru strife;

Shadows really, each within a story,

Each a part of life.

Warriors fighting for their own reasons,

Men of age and many just a lad;

Some struggling for only a season,

Others giving all they had.

I often wonder, in my limited sight,

From fear of the gun and the knife;

How would I have handled the fight,

When another sought to take my life?

Thanks to those whom made that choice,

To stand for the small and the weak;

Thanks is all that I can voice,

As words enough I cannot speak.

They took the bullet, they took the blade,

And stood on hallowed ground;

Their names and faces will not, should not, ever fade,

Each time the haunting bugles sound.

Let us pray, not for their souls, but for ours,

As we are left looking heaven-ward;

It is we that are left with the wounds and scars,

For it they that found the Eternal reward.

To our soldiers, we lift our voice of gratitude,

To our brave and to our strong;

We will never forget the bitter-sweet interlude

Of your service that make the music of freedom’s song.


Items list, Archeological Site, Sector 7767


Excavation date:

Lunera 14, 3679

1. Copper-based, small thin coin with image of man with beard; letters include “One Cent” and “In God We”. Analysis: Probable worthless decoration

2. Large block letters of Metal, Wood and Glass: LLYWOOD. Analysis: Due to the size and locale of the letters on a hill side overlooking the rest of the city ruins, probable name of deity and object of worship.

3. Tens of thousands of small electronic devices with letters, “Verizon” stamped on them. Analysis: Probably a medical device needed to function daily.

4. Extremely large structural foundation with hundreds of signs with yellow smiley faces and the words: “Price Reduced” . Analysis: due to size and central location in community, probably a temple used for daily ceremonial visits.

5. Thousands of small door plaques with name “Attorney at Law” . Analysis: probable rulers of the society and central to the daily decisions at every level. Too many to count.

6. A couple of hundred transportation units with battery-powered source; Analysis: only a few were used as transportation due to the extremely small passenger area, and unreliable power-source.

7. Thousands of single structural foundations with 6-10 individual rooms approx. 1300-2400 sq.meters each with signs: “FORECLOSURE” in front of structure. Analysis: probable single-family dwellings that once housed lowly working class that went extinct.

8. Hundreds of pump-stations with underground storage tanks. Analysis: tanks were still full of petroleum-based liquid, highly flammable. Most likely untapped and not pumped due to over-regulated distribution system and poorly managed pricing since there appears to be no shortage of the liquid.

9. Thousands of kilometers of paved road-way, mostly damaged and uncared for. Analysis: probable cause was either a series of earthquakes, or most likely poorly managed system of infrastructure and failed attention to local community needs. See item #5 above as probable source of efficiency failure.

10. One large, rectangular cloth with blue, white stars, and red and white stripes. Cloth appears trampled on, neglected, torn and battered. Analysis: probable enemy flag. It is doubtful its own flag would be treated in such disrespect.

This is a partial list of items found in and around the site. Many other items were discarded due to poor workmanship, cheap fabric and substandard materials that appears to be the standard the society was willing to accept and live with. Very few items were even salvageable. It is unclear by the find whether or not the society cared for one another, which was so prevalent in earlier digs from that region. At some point, the society seemed to implode, even though natural resources were abundant.

Work at the site will continue and updates will be posted as new finds are catalogued. Our mining operation will continue as this planet, the third from its sun, still produces many valuable resources although human life has long since left. It remains a mystery why the inhabitants were unable to sustain a continued presence, as other sites around the globe produce the same puzzling result: relinquishment of personal freedoms, and inability to take responsibility for one’s own actions, and increased dependence on the ruling government. Ruins have been found as far back as an era known as “Roman” with the same internal implosion. It appears this planet’s inhabitants were very slow learners.

For a complete viewing of the items found, contact the Historical and Archeological Dept at Huntsman-Herrick Mines, LLC located on First Quadrant, Station 3, Level 18.

Written by Donald L Hughes, Spring 2012

The world will tell you that the key to happiness is in living each day as if it were your last, but this is an inherently negative concept. Though it does encourage one to enjoy the present, it comes at the expense of the future. Instead, live each day as if it were your first, that each dawn may bring with it a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of wonder. That you might truly enjoy the gift of each new day, free from the cares of the past, and full of hope for the future. May you always find peace and happiness, wherever life takes you.