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Total Eclipse
By Donald Hughes, April 2014

This month, I was able to witness a total lunar eclipse. Early in the morning of April 8, 2014 a “blood moon” was visible in the night sky as the earth’s shadow passed over its face. It was something worthwhile to see, and to add to the show, Mars was highly illuminated as it was near the moon and closest to the earth in many years. A wondrous sight to behold.

Our world, and the universe around her, is in constant motion. Nothing stands still, nothing is motionless in nature. And so it is with us humans. Even in sleep, our minds and bodies are still in motion. In death, we are changed and continue to move forward in our eternal progression. So it is with everything in the universe. And, as in the lunar eclipse, paths cross and eclipses occur.

In the human story, civilizations and cultures would often cross paths and after some level of confrontation, one would over-shadow the other. Sometimes they would merge, other times one or the other would be totally overcome and annihilated. All that remains is scattered remnants or ruins of their existence. One world ending, and another beginning. In the case of the Roman Empire, which lasted several millennia, an obscure religious movement was introduced and although originally rejected, persecuted and driven out, eventually over took the empire, its leaders and culture, and Rome became the headquarters of the Christian Church. A total eclipse.

In the case of the American Indians, advancements in the world’s explorations and quests crossed paths with an ancient culture, and in just a few short years totally overcame their way of living. Although not annihilated, their cultures merged with the new and learned ways to survive the change, but not without tears and bloodshed. A partial eclipse.

In today’s world, cultures of all kinds are in constant movement and conflict. Parts of the world are so engrossed in cultural differences and struggles that it has become a way of life. Nations like Israel wake up each day to a new threat, surrounded by other nations whom want nothing more than to annihilate them. African nations are in constant struggle as war-like leaders and groups kill over power, land, resources and political views. A “blood moon” is indeed visible in many parts of the world today.

As the world spins on, with all of her six plus billion people, another total eclipse is happening. As the conflicts escalate, the world’s inhabitants rapidly approach a point of cultural evolution that will not be able to sustain itself. Like civilizations before, the pressures of self-inflicted wounds to cultural core-beliefs and moral standards will eventually implode, and leave little trace of our existence. A new world will rise, just as before. To the wise, it will be a culture of diverse nationalities, cultures and languages, but with one testimony of its divine nature. It will have one internal governing structure, with the leaders serving the masses rather than the opposite. It will be established with strict moral codes, not from force but rather from choice and a natural desire to serve one another. It will be a world of intense activity, a force that will move mountains (figuratively or otherwise) with tremendous energy. It will be established amongst all nations, peoples and places and although relatively few in numbers it will influence the whole of mankind, linking all generations. A total eclipse. A wondrous sight to behold.